Additional Services

Methylene Blue

A Powerful New Therapy to Charge Your Cellular Batteries

Methylene Blue effortlessly zips through the blood-brain barrier, unleashing its brain-boosting powers by generously donating electrons to the mighty mitochondria. This incredible process not only boosts your energy levels and fires up your brain, but also supercharges your nerve cells, leading to improved cognition, mood, and memory.

It’s like a power-up for your mind! When your ATP production takes a nosedive, brace yourself for a major performance plunge – both physically and mentally! Even individuals who are in good health can benefit from an increase in ATP production. Research has also demonstrated its efficacy against Lyme disease, chronic viral conditions, and parasitic infections.



A Supportive Therapy For Cancer

Mistletoe (Helixor M) has been a magical and powerful ally in the battle against chemotherapy and radiation side effects, offering relief from the dreaded nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite, and fatigue. Not only does it alleviate tumor-related pain, but it also acts as a powerful shield against tumor recurrence.

Discover the incredible power of mistletoe, a natural wonder that unleashes the potential of your immune system to battle cancer and stop tumors in their tracks! An additional advantage is that it has been demonstrated to offer protection for healthy cells. The administration involves injecting a small dose into the subcutaneous fat layer three times a week. We do request you collaborate with the medical team.


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Oral Chelation Therapy

This is a 21-day oral therapy that binds heavy metals, especially mercury. As an oral therapy, it eliminates the side-effects of traditional IV EDTA chelation therapies by protecting the veins & kidneys. No need for repeated IV sticks and trips to the clinic. Heavy metals are excreted through the gastrointestinal tract.

Gamma Light Therapy

A scientific breakthrough researched and validated at MIT

How the Variable Light Emitting Device (VLED) Works:

The VLED device has the potential to halt or lessen the advancement of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Dementia-related illnesses. Unlock the power of your brain’s Microglial Cells by harnessing the precise blend of light frequency and amplitude.

Microglia are cells responsible for “cleaning debris” in the body. These brave warriors are the first line of defense, fearlessly protecting the central nervous system from any intruders. Microglia, along with other neuroglia like astrocytes, are distributed in distinct and separate regions throughout the central nervous system.

Microglia, the tiny superheroes of the central nervous system, are on a never-ending mission to clean up cellular debris, fight off pesky pathogens and Aβ plaques, bid farewell to damaged or unnecessary neurons and synapses, and thwart any infectious agents that dare to invade. For our body’s defense against potential harm, we rely on the superpowers of microglia to be both efficient and in tip-top shape! Microglia are highly responsive to even minor alterations in diet, medications, energy levels, and pathological changes in the central nervous system.

The VLED emits photons of light with a specific energy level, which are then converted into electrons in the eye. Electrons travel through the retina, optic nerve, and to the brain, carrying the same energy as the photon. The energy is released through electrochemical “flashes” on the surface of the brain at the intended Gamma Wave energy level.

The secret to unlocking the power of Microglial Cells lies in harnessing the incredible energy of the Gamma wave level. Microglial Cells play a crucial role in eliminating Amyloid beta protein, which is the main culprit behind Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, PSP, and Dementia-related amyloidosis disease.

Evox Therapy

Achieve emotional breakthroughs needed to feel whole, balanced, and support your health.

Address the mind-body connection and reframe perceptions that are affecting your health and relationships. Studies show a strong connection between our emotions, thoughts and health. An EVOX session takes about two hours and uses a FDA approved device for the biofeedback to reframe perceptions. Quickly and painlessly shift your perceptions at the subconscious and conscious level. Change your perceptions, change your life!