Medical Weight Loss: Semaglutide with B6

Medical Weight Loss: Semaglutide with B6

Have you tried various methods such as exercise, skipping meals, and eating salads, but are still unable to see any changes on the scale? Our metabolic rate tends to decrease with age and this can result in weight gain and potential health issues. We have a solution to assist you in achieving your desired weight and improving your quality of life.

The combination injection of Semaglutide and Vitamin B6 is a safe and straightforward medical weight loss solution that can assist in reducing unwanted fat and suppressing appetite and cravings. The mighty vitamin B6, that is added to the injection, swoops in to save the day, fueling the fiery metabolism of fats, carbs, and proteins! Speed up your weight loss journey with an elevated metabolism – it’ll help you torch calories!

Semaglutide is an FDA-approved medication that aids in the proper release of insulin by the pancreas during high blood sugar levels. Insulin facilitates the transportation of sugar from the bloodstream to other bodily tissues where it is utilized for energy.

Semaglutide aids in establishing a new “set point” for your body by inducing an earlier sense of fullness, thereby naturally reducing your food intake at each meal. This often leads to gradual medical weight loss of approximately 1-2 pounds per week. In clinical studies, patients experienced an average weight loss of 35 pounds or 15% of their body weight when combined with diet and exercise.

A good candidate for Semaglutide will have no significant medical problems and no history of medullary thyroid cancer, untreated depression, decreased kidney function, or pancreatic disease.

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