Let PEMF Technology Help Your Body Repair Itself Naturally

PEMF Powered By Pulse

What is PEMF?

Put Simply… The pulsing field applies an electromagnetic charge to the cells, which stimulates and exercises them. Cells utilize the additional energy provided by PEMF to optimize their functions, including relaxation for muscle fatigue, overall energy boost, and support for the natural recovery process.

The Pulse PEMF at “Harvest Health Center” differs from other electromagnetic devices because it offers low-to-high intensity capability, which allows for a new level of session customization. Experience the amazing power of Pulse PEMF, a safe and non-invasive modality that unlocks lasting wellness benefits by tapping into the incredible world of cellular interaction.

What Is The Science: The Body's Electric Nature?

Renowned chiropractor Dr. Reggie Gold has given excellent analogies to help illustrate how the body’s nervous system plays an integral part in the body’s healing process. According to Dr. Gold, the body runs on electricity, and healing takes place via the nervous and electrical system’s signals.

According to Jerry Tennant, MD (Healing is Voltage), cells need a charge of -50mV to self-heal and self-regenerate. Cells which are not functioning correctly are known to have LOW energy. i.e. cancer cells have a transmembrane potential of -15 millivolts.

What are the Benefits:

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