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We offer detection, monitoring and cancer screenings as well as complimentary therapies to rebuild and strengthen the body’s immune system. Before, during and after diagnosis.

We can work with patients independently or in conjunction with your Oncology team.

CANCER RECURRENCE PREVENTION is a big part of what we do.

We are a certified Research Genetic Cancer Center (RGCC) clinic.

Why RGCC For Cancer Screenings?

Precision medicine has the potential to revolutionize healthcare and lead to better outcomes for patients, especially those with complex or hard-to-treat conditions.

This is the reason precision medicine is sometimes also called personalized medicine.

Treating chronic diseases requires individualized approaches. Each patient and their diseases vary and will have unique responses to treatment. RGCC utilizes innovative research and advanced technology to create personalized treatments that enhance patient outcomes.

RGCC utilizes Precision Medicine for every therapy that is created. Precision medicine is a medical approach that utilizes data from a patient’s gene expressions or proteins to prevent, diagnose, or treat diseases. By utilizing cutting-edge technologies and harnessing the power of data analysis, we revolutionize the way prevention and treatment strategies are optimized.

Through the analysis of a patient’s distinct genetic composition, treatments can be customized to address the individual’s specific requirements, leading to enhanced and personalized healthcare.

Precision medicine and cancer screenings are beneficial in the treatment and monitoring of diseases like cancer, as they utilize specific tumor information from patients. As a result, the treatment can be personalized to a patient’s unique condition and genetic composition.

RGCC Testing and Monitoring

RGCC uses genetic tests to discover and analyze cells for cancer screenings at every step of the disease. RGCC believes that knowledge is power. The tests are designed to offer doctors and patients personalized data that can help in making informed decisions about specific treatment and healthcare options. The “one size fits all” approach is a thing of the past compared to a tailored and laser-focused plan of action.

Their science is based on the detection of circuiting tumor cells (CTC’s) and free tumor cell DNA fragments found in the blood stream. A tumor sheds cells throughout its lifespan. Just like the body sheds hair and skin cells, the bigger the tumor, the more cells it will shed. This shedding begins early in the cancer process, as early as 1-2mm.


  • Early Detection: For those wondering if they are “cancer free” and believe in EARLY DIAGNOSIS AND INTERVENTION, we can find cancer YEARS BEFORE SYMPTOMS APPEAR OR A DOCTOR WOULD SUSPECT THAT YOU HAVE A PROBLEM with our cancer screenings.
  • Monitoring: For those with previous diagnosis, it is a recurrence prevention tool to head off a relapse. Get peace of mind, early detection saves lives.
  • A sample of blood is analyzed to identify the presence and concentration of circulating tumor cells (CTCs). This test provides information about the presence of CTCs, their concentration and their specific type (immunophenotype). It can often identify the site of origin.



  • Research has demonstrated that a strong immune system is a vital part of a cancer defense strategy.
  • This blood test is used to assess the condition of a patient’s immune system and its ability to defend the body. The test is used by scientists to identify specific cellular markers that play a role in activating and deactivating a patient’s immune system. If a deficiency is found, immune building therapies can be used.



  • Discover the incredible impact of potent anti-cancer drugs, groundbreaking targeted therapies, and the power of nature’s remedies on individual cancer cells.
  • A sample of blood or tissue is analyzed during the test to evaluate the effectiveness of specific therapies and treatments in suppressing cancer.
  • The extensive tests yield a comprehensive analysis of the most effective cancer treatments for scientists and clinicians. The results can be utilized by clinicians to create individualized and focused cancer treatments with the greatest likelihood of success.

This personalized approach can empower your Oncology team and contribute to your healing success.

RGCC Therapies


SOT is a therapy that can be used to treat cancer, viruses, and pathogens, including Lyme Disease. The SOT has the ability to bind to a specific gene of interest, which then disrupts the critical process that promotes the survival or growth of the cancer cell or pathogen. In this therapy, the patient’s blood is analyzed and a complementary oligonucleotide sequence is created. This sequence is designed to interrupt the survival or growth of the cells.


Dendritic therapy stimulates dendritic cells, which aid the immune system in identifying and eliminating foreign invaders and cancer cells. DCs present specific protein markers known as antigens to other components of the immune system. This activates T-cells and B-cells, which produce antibodies that target and eliminate cells or pathogens that possess that particular antigen.

  • RGCC Dendritic cell therapy utilizes dendritic cells by exposing them to circulating tumor cells from the blood, directing the dendritic cells towards specific antigens from the cancer cells.
  • The dendritic cell population is multiplied into millions and then infused back into the patient, serving as immune sentries.
  • This process activates the immune system to increase its response against the cancer and creates a lasting immune memory that will provide long-term protection against the cancer cells.



The function of specific immune cells is activated or enhanced to locate and eliminate cancer cells by utilizing both innate and adaptive immunity. The combination consists of immune cells which include:

  • macrophages and Natural Killer cells (innate immune cells)
  • activated Dendritic Cells, T cells, and antibody-producing plasma cells are activated to create a multidimensional immune response. Autologous adoptive T cell-based therapy stimulates the immune system to target cancer cells that are specific to your condition.


Vaxo-Q-Re has undergone over five years of development by RGCC scientists and is currently classified as a Cell Therapy Medicinal Product (CTMP) by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

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